Heading in Hero

Providing award-winning (and entirely fictitious) music tuition across the region for 20 years.

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Does your Music Service or Hub need a website?

If you use Melded to manage your lessons, students and billing, it makes sense to have it all connected to a clever new website to take bookings and promote your services. We can build it for you.

(And just like Melded - it's really easy to manage)

Edit anywhere,
on any device

Edit your web content, services, times, staff, messages - everything. Whether on your phone, tablet, laptop or big screen - all you need is a web browser and you’re away. No installs, no worries.

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Who enjoys video calls with software salesmen? And what's the point in testing a system if it's bloomin' empty? We've got a proper demo with live data for you to play with. It just works...
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